Would you like to try wearing Kimono at Kamakura? You can enjoy one day Kimono experience.
We have so many Kimonos at a reasonable price.

Kimono Plan

From September to May

All inclusive Kimono Set for women
Kimono,undergarment,Obi ,bag,sandal,tabi,underwear, hair set and ornamental hairpin
5,600yen → 1,980yen(2,178yen tax included)(Reservation is required)
Kimono Set for women
Kimono,undergarment,Obi (sash),bag tabi,underwear, and sandal
1,980yen(2,178yen tax included)
Kimono for men
Kimono,undergarment,Obi , bag and sandal
3,500yen(3,850yen tax included)
Couple Discount
For Ladies :Kimono,Obi ,bag,sandal,undergarment,socks,hair set and ornamental hairpin
For Men :Kimono,Obi ,bag,socks,sandal and undergarment
3,900yen(4,290yen tax included)

Furisode Kimono Plan

From September to June

All inclusive Furisode Set for women
Furisode(formal long sleeve)Kimono,undergarment,Obi,bag,sandal,tabi,underwear, hair set and ornamental hairpin
9,800yen(10,780yen tax included)(need to book at least 5 days in advance)

Yukata Plan

From June to September

All inclusive Yukata Set for women
Yukata,Obi ,bag,sandal,underwear, hair set and ornamental hairpin
5,600yen → 2,200yen(2,420yen tax included)(Reservation is required)
Yukata Set for women
Yukata,Obi,bag,sandal and underwear
1,800yen(1,980yen tax included)
Yukata for men
Yukata,Obi ,bag,sandal and underwear
3,000yen(3,300yen tax included)
Couple Discount
For Ladies :Yukata,Obi ,bag,sandal,underwear,hair set and ornamental hairpin
For Men :Yukata,Obi,bag,sandal and underwear
3,900yen(4,290yen tax included)


  • Ornamental hairpin550yen
  • Ribbon Obi330yen
  • Decrative Strings330yen
  • Tote Bag330yen
  • Change casual long sleeve Kimono+1100yen
  • Change Nagoya Obi+550yen
  • Hakama+1650yen

*Consumption tax is included in those.

*Cancellation Policy: 100% of your total amount will be charged if you cancel or make any changes on your scheduled arrival date or No show.


  1. Register
    Welcome to kamakura Rental Kimono Shop KOTO.
    We would like to explain about rental system for Kimono.
  2. Select Kimono
    2.Select Kimono
    We have many Kimono with various designs and colors. We’re sure you will find your favorite one.
  3. Hair set(option)
    3.Hair set(option)
    Our professional hair make-up artists would like to make you beautiful.They can make popular hairstyle case such as French braid, dumpling-shaped hair,evening party roll, and so on.
  4. Dress up Kimono
    4.Dress up Kimono
    We would like to help to wear Kimono.
  5. Sightseeing at kamakura
    5.Sightseeing at kamakura
    There are a lot of places that you should see in Kamakura.
    Most of popular places are within 10 minutes of our shop KOTO. You can take a stroll in Kimono around Tsurugaokahachimangu, Komachi-dori street ,Wakamiya-Oji street and station of Enoden Line.
    Enoden Line is the most useful transportation that links historical city Kamakura via Enoshima. There are many tourist spots along the Enoden Line, such as Kamakura Daibutsu, Yuigahama beach,Enoshima Island and Meigetsu-in(Ajisai-dera).
    It must be a precious experience!!
  6. 6.Return the Kimono
    You have to return the Kimono until 5p.m. If you couldn’t come, you should pay additional fee 1000yen(1100yen tax included) per night.

Shop Information

Ninotorii bldg. 2nd floor 2-10-18 Komachi Kamakura-shi Kanagawa ,Japan(Large map)

TEL +81-467-84-9561(9:30-18:00)
Mail kamakura.info@kimono-koto.com

Access by train

JR Yokosuka Line Kamakura Station

It takes 3min. from Kamakura station.
Our shop is next to Ninotorii.